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Our consultation principal is: Create markets. Markets do not exist sui generis - just the opposite: Markets must always be created first. Building on the results of market analysis, we create results-oriented sales and marketing strategies for your company based on which new markets can be defined and actively created and customers can be won efficiently.

Value Units
Accordingly, our consultation goal is the development of new profit-optimal value added units (Value Units) for our customers. We define Value Units as a systematically combined package consisting of a qualified and localized target group, a target group-appropriate fascination strategy and a suitable marketing mix.

The strategic consulting services of Marketing Verbund are based on established conceptual knowledge and wide-ranging practical experience in strategic development and in the formation of concepts.

Space From the development of brand or corporate positioning to the composition of profiling and fascination strategies as well as the design of innovative business models - the spectrum of strategic consultation includes the standards of marketing and sales as well as innovative themes, such as consumer spaces.

New locations for consumption
By consumer spaces we mean the new regional, virtual, ritual, and social locations of the consumer, where the consumers of today meet, where they communicate, consume and network.


Building on the strategic guidelines developed, we create functional location concepts, market-oriented sales systems, or a target group-appropriate marketing mix.

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