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Market and target group analysis is the starting point for strong market development. Accordingly, Marketing Verbund offers innovative methods of empirical market analysis: from customer surveys and target group profiling to competitive and location analysis as well as market classification and segmentation.

Efficient analysis
We determine the data based on our anonymous in-house database as well as the profiles of your existing customers and the current degree of market penetration, as well as new customer potential for target group optimization or expansion. Through the intelligent combination of market penetration and market potentials, we determine your relevant market, divide it into segments, and classify e.g. partial markets or locations based on the empirical market potential.

In the course of our analysis, we do not only take the external market into account - we also process the in-house fields of corporate analysis, such as the evaluation of sales systems or brand analysis.

Implementation of analysis
Whether we conduct primary data collection or secondary analytics, within the framework of our database-supported analysis methods, the sole focus is not simply the accumulation of knowledge, e.g. with regard to consumer behavior or site quality.

Space On the contrary, under the strict consideration of data protection laws, we accelerate the implementation of the analytical results into practice – we qualify and localize your target group exactly to individual households in germany. Based on an empirical database as well as our innovative methods of analysis, we are in the position to directly measure the achievement of goals or goal potential in the german market. In combination with (marketing) costs, this results in a profit-oriented efficient perspective based on which real market success can be forecast and measured exactly on a customer value basis.

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Analysis on business
For this reason, we use the sales processes of a company directly as the basis of profit-oriented market analysis. In the course of our analysis on business methods, the knowledge from market and sales analysis is translated directly into practical application, such as post-distribution.
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